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Automation Grade Brushless DC Servo Motors

PITTMAN® automation grade brushless DC servo motors are IP65 rated construction (with a shaft seal) and include a wide range of torque and speeds in standard NEMA mounting configurations. The brushless motor construction is optimized for extended motor life, low cogging, smooth low speed operation and high torque density making them ideal for industrial applications including precision servo systems. Pittman automation grade brushless DC servo motors are heavy duty machines for designers needing a low to medium inertia motor capable of medium speed operation.

Diameter Continuous Torque Rated Power Max Speed
Voltage Range
Series mm inch Nm lb-in watts RPM Vdc.
(AB2300X Brushless DC Motor)
57 2.25 0.47 - 1.7
66 - 250
220 - 700
0 - 325
(AB2340X Brushless DC Motor)
90 3.54 1.8 - 4.6
260 - 650
900 - 1800
0 - 325