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EC057B-4 (I2384124NC) Brushless DC Motor


24 Hour Shipment of Brushless DC Motor Samples 

I2384124NC Accessory Products


Z Series Incremental Encoder - Outputs – A, B Quadrature + Index + 4 or 8 Pole Commutation; Differential Line Drivers; Resolution – 1000, 2000; RoHS Compliant


G3000 Planetary Gear Reducer - NEMA 23 Mounting Face; Reduction Ratios – 5:1 to 100:1; Continuous Load – 60 lb-in (6.779 Nm); Peak Load – 90 lb-in (10.169 Nm)


B3 Power Off Brake - Input/Output Flange – NEMA 23; Torque 3 lb-in (0.339 Nm); Applied Voltage 24VDC


48133 - 10A Brushless DC Motor Controller - Input Volts 11-52 VDC

48140 - 20A Brushless DC Motor Controller - Input Volts 11-52 VDC

This data is for information purposes only and should not be considered a binding description of the products or their performance in all applications.  Actual performance will vary depending on the operating conditions and environment.  Consult an application engineer for assistance in sizing and applying the product.