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20 Amp Brushless DC Motor Controller 48140



  • Input Voltage Range: 11-52 VDC
  • Thermal Trip: 1050C Programmable
  • Braking: J4-6 to Vin
  • Rotation: Can be changed during operation
  • Acceleration: Fast / Slow / Programmable

Switch Settings

S1.1                OFF - 60º Electrical

                        ON - 120º Electrical

S1.2                OFF – OE active when pulled high

                        ON – OE active when pulled low

S1.3                OFF – External speed control

                        ON – Internal potentiometer speed control

S1.4                OFF – Fast acceleration

                        ON – Slow acceleration

Jumper Settings

J2          1-2, 11-18 VDC             J5-1      Ground

J2          2-3, 16-52 VDC             J5-2      Phase C

J4-1      Ground                           J5-3      Phase B

J4-2      Hall 1                              J5-4      Phase A

J4-3      Hall 2                              J5-5      Vin

J4-4      Hall 3

J4-5      Hall +

J4-6      Brake

J4-7      Ground

J4-8      Vref

J4-9      Output Enable

J4-10    Forward / Reverse

J4-11    Tach Out

J4-12    Analog In 

 This data is for information purposes only and should not be considered a binding description of the products or their performance in all applications.  Actual performance will vary depending on the operating conditions and environment.  Consult an application engineer for assistance in sizing and applying the product.